Klever Vault
Coin & Digital saving's device

Children's wall mount device helping to teach kids to save money, do chores & earn their weekly pocket money.

Launching soon on Kickstarter & Indigogo

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Financially literate kids

Financial literacy starts in the home. Klever Vault helps parents to teach children how to manage and value money in a fun and interesting way.

Donate to charity

Lets teach children the importance of giving back. Klever Vault allows you to choose a charity close to your heart & donate a percentage of your savings!

Klever chores

Parents can schedule chores with a monetary reward. Once the chore has been completed, your child's vault will be topped up with their balance!

Saving goals

Does your child want a new bike? Why not set a savings goal and teach them to save towards their goal. Klever Vaults enables parents to do this by setting and tracking both chores and savings progress.

Sync Klever Vaults

Other family members such as a Grandparent can install a Klever Vault and reward grandchildren in the comfort of their home, all funds will automatically update to your child's vault.

Pocket money

Help your child manage their weekly pocket money with a percentage of it going into their long term savings vault thus preparing them to manage their finances in later life.

How it works

Klever Vault device

The Klever Vault wall mount is a kids savings device attached to a wall. The device is coin & digital enabled meaning parents can top up their kids savings device with coins & virtual top ups all shown on the screen to view. Parents can also sync the device with another household so if grandma decides to reward a grandchild or give them a chore to do she can reward them with money and it will update the child's Klever Vault instantly

Klever Vault app

Parents can download the Klever Vault app and sync it with the Klever Vault wall mount device. The app enables parents to add a child, administrate chores, update balance, pay a child virtually or choose a charity to donate to. Parents can add multiple children to the device and sync them directly to the Klever Vault wall mount and can toggle between children showing their balance, savings goals and chores due.

Financial literacy starts in the home

Our financial literacy program is designed to help parents teach their children essential life skills around managing money, family chores, work ethic and savings. The program is packed with ideas for children to create savings goals, and to develop children’s entrepreneurial skills by exploring innovative and age-appropriate ways to obtain money.

The Klever Vault product includes some amazing features to help teach children about money and savings.

The Klever Vault wall mount will count coins dropped in, light up and give a clear balance of coins in the vault

Schedule a list of chores for your kids to complete with nominal values. All chores due are viewable from the Klever Vault wall mount

No coins at hand, Top up your childs Klever Vault with the Klever Vault app. Choose a child and flick them a coin for a chore completed

Automatic updates from synced devices. Install a second Klever Vault in your grandmas house and receive chores & savings from your nearest and dearest.